Monday, February 2, 2009

Bunk Beds!!!!

We did it.  We got bunk beds.  What can we say? They were on sale.  And they have a trundle, or as Ava likes to call it "a drawer" (as in: "Mommy lets me sleep in a drawer!"). 

It's weird to see my babies in big kid beds, especially big kid beds 5 feet off the floor.  At first they were a little scared about being up so high, but within 24 hours they were fighting over who would sleep on the top bunk.  At the moment Jack is sleeping up top, Ava is sleeping in "the drawer", and Cate is sleeping on the lone twin bed next to the bunk bed.  No one is sleeping in the lower bunk, unless you count the 3,452,667 stuffed animals.  And their blankets.

So far no one has fallen out of the top bunk and they are still pretty careful on the ladder.  Time will tell if this was a stroke of genius or a really bad idea.  Because with 3 4-year-olds there is no middle ground.

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