Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Slice of Life

Ever had one of those moments that perfectly captures the essence of your existence? Yeah, me too.

It is 6:30 on Wednesday evening. We have just finished dinner, the dishes are waiting patiently in the sink. The table still needs to be wiped down, the floor needs to be swept, the animals fed and watered.

But they will all have to keep on waiting. I am in the living room with the children. Cathryn is sitting in my special spot, the one with the good light, diligently working on her embroidery. Something that, had I not seen it with my own two eyes, I would never have thought possible. The patience and skill this girl has exhibited as she works this piece is staggering. Did I also tell you that she can knit? She can.

As Cate works, Ava treats us to an amazing dance routine, one that she choreographed herself. As she struts and twirls in time to the music I want to laugh out loud at the sheer enjoyment of it all. She is a thing of beauty. She is also reading this over my shoulder as I type, with the proper inflection and cadence. She is six. I'm not sure where she comes from.

The boy hangs in the back, alternately playing DJ for his sister and setting up a game of Stratego. We got the game for Christmas from the grandparents, but thought it was a bit beyond them. Yeah. We broke it open a week ago and are now routinely being handed our collective butts by our son, the future military commander.

So there we all are, Cate with her embroidery, Ava dancing, Jack preparing for world domination, Brian and I gazing at our progeny with goofy grins, crazy in love with them and each other.

Life is good.