Sunday, December 7, 2008

Apparently they ARE capable of listening.

We are driving home from school the other night. It is dark and we are on the look-out for Christmas lights. As we near the big intersection near our neighborhood Jack spots a house with several large inflatable figures, including a Santa with a sleigh. "Mommy look! Go down that street!" he begs, but it's kind of a weird, sharp turn and at this time (~5:00pm) there is a line of cars going the other direction that blocks our way. "I can't turn honey; those other cars are in our way". "Are they Indians?" asks Cate. ????? "Indians? I'm not sure what you mean honey?" "Last time when there were cars in our way you said they were In-Dians. You said 'Get out of my way you In-Dians'".
Ahem. Yes, well. Mommy says a lot of things when she is driving.