Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cast of Charachters

The children are planning a 10-day (!!!) sleep-over, to which they are each inviting 3 friends. Cathryn's friends are Anna, Sadie and Lily. So far so good. Ava's friends are Ma-NA-na, Halatha, and Kreelie. OK; maybe hippie parents? Jack's friends are Knotty (Naughty?), Grotty and Ween.

This is going to be an interesting party.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Daughters, Our Selves

I was folding laundry in the bedroom when the dull roar from the living room erupted in crescendo. I walked in to see Ava, papers strewn around her, calmly coloring a picture. Cate towered above her, screaming:

Cate: "Play with me! PLAY WITH ME!!!! PLAY!! WITH!! ME!!!!!!!!"
Ava: "I can't."
Ava: "I can't tell you."

My God, I almost peed myself laughing. In so many ways, I identify with Cate in this situation - wanting to control the Universe by sheer force of will, and not understanding why it will not bow to her oh-so-reasonable demands. But, when I related this story to my long-time friend Michelle, describing the way Ava was just !@#$ing with Cate - just calmly sitting there and twisting the knife, pushing the buttons, slowly driving her insane, toying with her just because she COULD - Michelle said "Yeah, that sounds like you". 

So there you go. My two girls. My yin and my yang. And let the record show that......yeah, I'm sorry about that one, world. My bad.

The Bogeymom

It is 9:15pm and I am sitting at my computer trying to get a little work done before I go to bed. 

squeak padpadpadpadpadpadpadpadpadpad

"Yes Jack?"
"The sisters are not being quiet! And I can't sleep!"
"You should not be out of bed. Go back to your room. I will come in a bit and talk to the girls."

padpadpadpadpadpadpadpadpadpadpad squeak

"Sisters! Mom is going to come in here in a little bit! And she is going to talk to you in a very bad voice! And then you will be in *very* trouble!"

Apparently he has this all worked out.