Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On

So for those of you who watch the news or read the paper you know that we had a fairly big earth quake yesterday in Southern California. Not "the big one", but a 5.4 centered in Chino Hills (not too far from us here in Fullerton) so not too shabby.....

I was in Target at the time, standing in the shampoo&soap aisle, having put the last item I needed into my cart. As things started falling off the shelves and exploding at my feet I had a dim thought at the back of my brain that perhaps this would be a good time to get out of the aisle.....the shaking only lasted ~30 seconds (although it always seems to take FOREVER, doesn't it?) but the store was a total mess. As I pushed my cart to the check-out area I realized they were evacuating the store; Noooooo!!! I caught a cashier's eye and indicated my full cart - "Can I just quickly check out?" I asked sweetly. "We are evacuating the store ma'am. FOR YOUR SAFETY" she said, assuming I was so traumatized I had momentarily lost my mind. No, I've just lived in California too long. Clearly no one was dead and nothing was on fire, so you know, can I just please get on with my day?

The kids were fine; after the shaking stopped Jack asked if Miss Ady could "do it again!" When I stopped over to check on them they greeted me with "Why are you here? Do we have to go home?" Obviously they are scarred for life.

There was a gas leak on the CSUF campus so it was closed for the day. A nice excuse to stay home and knit, but I paid for it today when I opened the door to my office this morning. Piles of books - everywhere. I couldn't see the floor. Oh well, I've been meaning to reorganize and purge anyway, so I suppose this was just the nudge I needed.

All in all we are fine, and thanks to all who called and checked in.

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