Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello, my name is Jenn and I went camping with my kids.

And you? Do you camp with your kids? Your three kids? In the woods? Because I do. Camp, I mean. With my three kids. In the woods.

I'm thinking about having a badge made. Or maybe I'll put it on my business cards.

I am working on a long, detailed recounting of our camping experience, but thought I would post a short version for those of you who would rather read the Cliff Notes than the novel. Here it is:

I went camping with my kids. In the woods. It was GREAT. The End.

The worship of the CAMPING GODDESS that is me may now begin.


zona said...

Oooo where'd you go? We want to take Gigi camping. She likes dirt.

JennC said...

We went to Casper's Wilderness Park; exit Ortega Highway (East) off the 5 - it's about 10 miles east. Has a play park AND an equestrian camp AND lots of dirt. Highly recommended!!

Lauren said...

We met them for dinner Friday - hot dogs! S'mores! MOMMY JUICE!! IT WAS SO FUN!!

My favorite moment: we're trying to figure out what to call the canned bread stuff to the kids. Ava suggests "banana bread?" Jenn says "Yeah, kind of like banana-pumpkin-raisin bread." Cate says "No, it's banana bread, Mom." Jenn says "OK! Banana bread it is!" Cate says "I don't like banana bread."

It was also the site of my worst mommy moment ever but we won't retell that online.