Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'll just be sitting over there...um....sitting.

B is in New Jersey, so I treated myself to a night at Jenna and Don's house. I plied them with dinner, and they graciously allowed me to foist my children off on my Goddaughter Jacquelyn for the evening. Jacquelyn is 4? 5? (Yes, I am the worst Godmother ever) and loves to play "big sister" to my three, who absolutely adore her. Especially Cate. Jenna and Don are Cathryn's Godparents, so Jacquelyn has decided that Cate is something akin to a younger sister. She loves to boss Cate around, and surprisingly enough (given Cate's own natural tendency towards bossiness) Cate loves it too.

Around 7:30 we threw them all into the tub, where they splashed and played happily for 20 minutes. Then Jack wanted out. Then Ava. I went to get Cate but when I got to the bathroom Jacquelyn pulled the shower curtain closed and announced they were having "private time". I called over to Don relaying that Jacquelyn and Cate were having private time in the tub. "Oh God. This can't be good." We managed to coax both girls out of the tub and into their jammies. I turned to go into Jacquelyn's room to grab the kids' clothes and was met by Cathryn who holds up her hand and says very seriously "Mom. We need some space."

Sorry kiddo, didn't know I was cramping your style. Can we even imagine what she is going to be like in ten years? On second thought - let's not.

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