Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Be Jammin'

What's that? Why yes, I have been busy. Quite busy. Doing what? Oh, you know, this and that......a bit of grading, moving my entire lab to a different building, making jam, folding laundry. You know, the usual. What? That third thing? Making jam? Yes, I make my own jam. I've been doing it since......let's see.......two Fridays ago. Practically forever.


It wasn't always like this, oh no. I, too, used to buy my jam, hanging my head in shame, desperate and confused, not knowing where to turn. But then one day, I was hanging out with my friend Elise and noticed a bunch of empty jars on her table. "What are these for?" I asked. "Oh, yeah" she answered. "Strawberries are coming in, so I'm gonna make some jam tomorrow". Just. Like. That. No big deal, no hours of preparation, no crushing anxiety. So I asked the magical Elise if she would share her secrets of jam-making with me. And she did. And it was good.

When we were finished I still had some strawberries left over. So guess what I did? I made MY OWN jam the next day. Just like that. Took Elise's recipe, semi-combined it with another recipe I found online (adding balsamic vinegar!), and made my own jam. All by myself. And it was good.

AND, so far no one has died. Bonus!

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Tippy said...

Such Talent...Such Skill....xoxoxo