Saturday, May 7, 2011

For Mom

Yes, yes, YES. I suck. But you see, I've been busy. Doing stuff. What kind of stuff, you ask? A few little things.....some booties, a hat. But mostly these: little tops I made from a pair of pillowcases. I embroidered them for the girls for Easter presents. I told mom about them and she asked for pictures, which I immediately never sent to her. Because I am an awesome daughter like that. She also sent me a lovely Mother's Day card. I, on the other hand, thought briefly about calling her, but then ended up getting coffee instead. Again: awesome daughter.

So mom, this is for you. Happy Mother's Day.

All pictures were taken with my iPhone in crappy light. Sorry 'bout that, but if I waited for 1) the good camera (Brian's camera that only Brian is allowed to touch) and 2) good light, then this would probably not be happening at all. So.

First up, Ava's top. She is very into mermaids these days.
The front:

The blonde mermaid:

Ariel's pet squid:
The Back:
Sea horses:


Next, we have Cate's top. She has really become a reader in the last few months, so I wanted to commemorate that.
The front:
Cate in a tree:


A little deer:
The Back:
Hedgie & Bunny:
The other tree (with bonus hedgehogs!):

Who's peeking?
Flutterby sleeves:
So that's it. I have some other projects I'm working on, so who knows when you will hear from me again?


TUTU said...

So are you! I never mind could I? Mom

Anonymous said...

Awesome projects, awesome mother, awesome daughter!

WendyBird said...

Wow! I'm totally impressed! my only craft project of late was making a Kentuckey Derby hat out of beer cans, LOL

Sylvia said...

Those are incredible Jen! It's always awe inspiring to see a handmade work of art.