Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sea Crags #1

So, instead of telling stories about our trip to Sea Crags I figured I would post a mess a pictures instead. We went up for a whole week, and had a wonderful, relaxing time. Although we had planned to work on the old house, it turned out that most of the guys counldn't make it this time, and all the ladies had children in tow, which makes it hard to get things done. So instead we spent the time relazxing, playing at the beach and the river, picking blackberries, making jam and cooking for the masses. At the high point we had 27 people, 19 of whom were kids from the ages of 1-15. Whew!

This year there were a ton of seal lions hanging out on the big rock just off the beach.
Ava and Henry at the river.
Finding tadpoles at the river. That's Sofia in the black hat, leading the expedition.
Jack on the rope swing.
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