Wednesday, August 12, 2009

San Jose Children's Museum

This time on our way up to Sea Crags we stopped over in San Jose instead of San Francisco. We did this because we have been wanting to visit their Children's Museum, which was recommended very highly to us by our good friend Shannon, who grew up in San Jose. Well, I must say that all her raving did not do this place justice! It is one of the the *best* kid's museum I have ever been to, with so many cool hands-on activities that we could have easily spent the entire week-end there. John and Stephen came on the trip with us, so they had a chance to explore the museum as well, and I think if you asked them they would tell you that it sucked. But that is only because they are 15 and -beyond cool- and would never admit to having a total blast.

Slow boat to China. Kidding, it's actually Vietnamese.
The arch that Cate built. Really. How cool is that?
Hanging out with Curious George. It was actually a pretty cool exhibit and I learned a lot about H.A. Rey.
Making "rainbow" pizza with Uncle Steve.
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