Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Strong Medicine

I have a cough.  A deep, raspy, wet cough that has settled down into my lungs and has no intention of leaving any time soon, thank you very much.  As a consequence of hacking up my toes several times a day my throat is just a wee bit sore.  Which is neither here nor there, except that it precludes me from singing lullabies to my children before they go to sleep.  Yes, we still do this every night.  Sometimes I dread it, but mostly it is a time of the day that I cherish. 

I was rocking with Jack the other night and explained to him that I couldn't sing him a song because my voice was hurting.  He took his blue blanket and wrapped it around my throat saying "Here mama.  You take this and put it on your voice and it will feel better.  Blue blankie makes everything feel better."  

And you know? It kind of did.


MiMi said...

Just remember that if you don't have your "cold blanket..aka the Blue Blanket" when you spend the night at your MiMi's house, she will give you a silky cold nightgown that can bring you the same comfort. Now when this happens your sisters will want a princess nightgown or robe too, as they are "so so beautiful"

WendyBird said...

I rocked and sang Rock-a-by Baby to Olivia until she was 8, you have lots of time left, enjoy every minute :-)