Saturday, April 18, 2009

Que sera, sera.

So Ava was playing a game on the LeapFrog Clickstart computer thingy; one where you use the mouse to click on a bunch of bouncing balls, causing them to *splat!*. She's clicking away, and then suddenly all the splats slide off the wall and the game is over. For a second it is not clear what has just happened, and then we hear the overly cheery voice of the program saying "Congratulations! You beat the level!" and then there is applause, etc. etc. Great. So then she starts playing another similar game, involving splattering balls, but just as she begins Jack calls her from outside to come look at something. Apparently it is something important because he keeps yelling, louder and louder, until she jumps up to go look at whatever it is. (A ladybug? Something drowned in the swimming pool? A chewed up toy?). Cate and I are hanging on the couch playing the "Can I Have Another Gogurt?"-"No." game (great fun) and I'm listening to the computer program valiantly encouraging no one to "Click on all the PINK balls!" "Click on all the RED balls!". I'm wondering just how long it will keep this up before it realizes it has been abandonded when Ava (the abandoner) returns. She plops down in front of the key board and starts clicking on the balls. She only gets a few to splat when all of the sudden the balls and splats disappear again. We wait, but this time there is no cheery voice forthcoming, at which point Ava turns to me and says "Mom, I think this time the level beat me."

Sometimes you're the fly, sometimes you're the windshield. Might as well learn now.

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