Monday, March 30, 2009

Yesterday we went down to RSM to celebrate Owen's 2nd birthday. Holy crow is that kid adorable! Lauren and Keith arranged a picnic in the nearby park, and we had a wonderful time just sitting around and catching up and watching the kids play. Someone brought a bag of giant Cheeto puffs, which the kids dubbed "Cheeto marshmallows". In the picture above you can see one in Cate's mouth, her hands being occupied with holding her Cookie Monster cupcake and glass of punch. That night as I put the kids to bed we talked about all the great things we did that day. When asked what her favorite thing of the day was Cate said "Cheeto marshmallows! Mom, I could NOT stop eating them! I had, like, *five*!"
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WendyBird said...

Too cute! I WISH I could stop at 5 cheese marshmellows, LOL