Monday, March 9, 2009

Brotherly Love

So last week-end I celebrated my 40th birthday.  On Friday my friends Kate and Lauren took me to dinner at The Winery in The District (Irvine), where they used their impressive powers of cunning and guile to trick me into consuming my weight's worth in excellent wine.  The night was fabulous, but the following morning was treacherous.  My brother and his wife came up on Saturday for some additional celebrating, and had just arrived as I emerged, still drunk, from my bedroom at a quarter past 1pm.  Chris gave my haggard form the once-over and said "So that's what 40 looks like?  Rugged." 

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JayJay said...

Aren't brothers great? ;) I can't drink anywhere near as much as used to. I guess that will save us money as we age.