Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Walk in the Woods

I dedicate this post to Brian, who says that he sounds like an idiot in all of my stories.

This morning we decided that in lieu of church we would talk a family hike along the Fullerton Trail. It's a very nice trail that meanders through woodlands and open spaces, alongside a creek and there are lots of fun things to see like HORSES! and CHICKENS! and DOGS! So we loaded up the kids and the dogs and off we went. The kids ran all over the trail finding rocks and sticks and butterflies and the occasional golf ball - 3-year-old heaven. Brian and I were also enjoying ourselves, getting lost in the scenery and the balmy weather. As we walked through a shady lane I watched Jack skiddle in front of me, dragging a stick behind him while Ava walked quietly to the side of the path, searching for butterflies. No Cate. You know that feeling of instant panic? The kind that grabs you up all of the sudden and sends your heart beating out of your chest? "WHERE'S CATE?!?!?" I desperately yelled ahead to Brian. He turned and gave me a quizzical look and all I could do was stand there, gripped with terror, thinking "OUR DAUGHTER, YOU MORON! CATE!!!!". But he just continues to stand there doing nothing, looking puzzled with WHAT IS THAT? IS THAT A GRIN? A SMIRK? WHERE THE HELL IS OUR CHILD YOU IDIOT???? and finally says "On your head."

Oh right, I put her on my shoulders 5 minutes ago. Forgot about that.

People, this is what motherhood does to you. You have been warned.

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