Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And then some.....

I'm finally recovering from my week-end. Sounds like there was drinking involved, doesn't it? Well you are right. In hindsight, there should have been more. Much more.

On Friday my beloved friend Jess flew in from New Jersey for some serious quality time with The Girls. I haven't seen Jess since way-too-fucking-long ago; I cleared the calendar to make the maximum amount of time to hear her stories about life in the Big City and why Jazzercise! is coming back in a BIG WAY. The plan was to have Girl's Night with the 5 originals (Jess, Lo, Joie, Kate and moi) on Saturday, a picinic at the park on Sunday with the boys and the kids, and then dinner at the Melting Pot on Monday as a final farewell. Sounds busy yet manageable, no?

Second layer: On Saturday afternoon another good friend of ours, la petit Remie, flew in from Australia. I think it has been over a year since we have seen Remie? I literally can not remember when we saw her last. She was on a mission to commune with her dad and so purposefully did not schedule any visits with friends; this shocked me as Remie is one of those people who knows EVERYONE and so has a consistently jam-packed social calendar. But she did make time to see us, which made us feel very special. The plan was that she would come straight to us from LAX, spend the night and then hang out with us the next morning until her dad came to pick her up. Which was awesome except see above. But whatever, we can juggle right?

Third layer: Sunday afternoon was my nephew Xander's 1-ish birthday party. Xander's actual birthday is December 27th, but as you can imagine it easily gets lost in the Christmas shuffle. So my brother and sister-in-law decided to celebrate his 1/2 birthday instead which I thought was a great idea until it fell on the weekend that 2 good friends from out of town were visiting who I hadn't seen in forever and really wanted to spend quality time with. "So don't go" you say. Ha! Easy for you, internet. What kind of jerk skips her nephew's first-ish birthday party?

In the end I did it all. It was Mr. Toad's wild ride on steroids and I loved every moment of it. Until it was all over, when everyone had left, the cake was all gone and it was just me, my sunburn and a tequila headache.


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