Saturday, July 21, 2012

Help Me Help You

Ava has taken it upon herself to improve us. She is very kindly taking the time to meticulously document our faults, in list form, so that we might better understand our foibles and mend our thoughtless ways. Of course, in true sisterly style, Cate was the first to come under the lens:

When I suggested to Ava that her lists might not be received in the same generous spirit with which they were created, she was genuinely surprised. Why wouldn't people want to know their faults? Especially when someone had been kind enough to enumerate them in painstaking detail?

I can't wait to see my list!


Tippy said...

Sweet Missie crack me up...right on..TUTU

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!

WendyBird said...

2352Hehehehe, enjoy every minute. Before too long, you too will be crying in your liquor about them turning 21!