Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Really? Must We?

Cathryn, though very much a princess in other ways, refuses to eat with utensils, especially forks. And while I do sympathize with her on occasion (who eats pizza with a knife and fork for God's sake?) most of the time I find myself playing the part of the evil witch:

"Cathryn! We do not eat peas with our hands. Use your fork!"
"But mo-ooommm!"

"Cathryn! Noodles are eaten with forks, NOT fingers!"
"Fine! Yessssssss moooooooommmmmmmm!"

"Cathryn! *That* is exactly why we use a fork to eat macaroni and cheese. So that it DOESN'T get all over our hands, and then in our hair."
"Oh mom!"

And so it goes, meal after meal, night after night. Until tonight. She finally came upon a food that she could not help but eat with her fork........


........wait for it...........

ALMONDS. Of course. How did we not see that coming?

(Quick show of hands: How many of you were thinking 'soup'?)

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