Thursday, January 22, 2009

Danielle, Patron Saint of Cats

I don't know if there really is a patron saint for cats, but knowing the Catholics as I do I would not be surprised.  Nonetheless my friend Danielle now gets the honor as for the last 2 weeks she has been ftaking care of 3 of the sickest cats I have ever seen, and they are not even hers.  I'm talking "i.v. fluids" sick.  Her family is thinking about getting a pet so she thought it would be a great idea to foster some animals first to determine which type of pet would best suit their lifestyle.  The idea was to foster a cat and then a dog.  She contacted a cat rescue organization and it just so happened that they had 3 cats (a mother and two grown daughters) that needed to be placed *immediately*.  Three was more than she was bargaining for, but what the heck right?  So they bring them over and they promptly begin wretching, snarffling and dying.  

Let me repeat: she has been taking care of these animals for two weeks now.  While she gets ready for the Spring semester.  While her husband is out of town.

Quite simply I am amazed by this woman.  Her energy puts my feeble efforts to shame.  The cats are improving under her constant care, but man!  What a long row to today's post is just a giant shout-out to Danielle for her hard work and huge heart.  You have earned your place in cat heaven.  

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