Saturday, November 29, 2008

Home Again

Let's set the scene, shall we?

Jack, footie pajamas unzipped and around his ankles, wearing a red gingham hairband and a goofy grin. Ava, in footie pajamas and wings, rubbing some kind of goo into his stomach. Cate gleefully jumping on the bed nearby in her underwear.

Me: What are you doing?

Cate: We're making him a guard!

Me: What are you rubbing on him?

Cate: Lotion!

Me: Why?

Ava: Because mom, I'm trying to rub it OFF.

I'm not even going to try to figure this one out.

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Lauren said...

This reminds me of when my sister, cousin Amy, and I were playing with my cousin Matt and we were putting band-aids all over him (we were probably 5-7 years old), and my uncle walked in right when we were putting a band-aid on Matt's penis and I said to my Uncle, "Don't worry, we're just playing." He still laughs about that one.