Thursday, May 1, 2008

For the Record

Names of the dogs in Cate's current collection: Browny, Snowball, Benji, Ender, Pug, Ketchup and Mustard (the twins), Muskar, Marshmallow and, of course, Maggie.

A recent conversation with Ava:

Me (trying to brush her hair): Ava your hair is so tangly. Do you know why that is?
Ava: Because I eat my hair?
Me: Yes. Why do you eat your hair?
Ava: Because it tastes like pears.

I really can't argue with that.

A conversation with Jack:

Jack : I like the Toy Story with Woody and Buzz and Jessie and the horse.
Brian: Toy Story 2?
Jack (holding the Toy Story 1 video): Toy Story is my favorite. The horse is my favorite. Buzz is my favorite. And Woody and Jessie.
Brian (holding the Toy Story 2 video up to Jack): You mean Toy Story 2, buddy.
Jack: Yes. Toy Story 2 is daddy's favorite and Toy Story is my favorite. That's a good plan, mama?
Me: The best plan buddy.

A conversation with Brian:

Brian: For the record, I do replace the toilet paper rolls in the bathroom. And one of those bars of soap is for my face, and one is for my hands, and one is just a regular bar of soap.
Me: And that is what you got out of that post?
Brian: I'm just sayin'.....
Me: What. EVER.


Lauren said...

Laughing my ass off at the bottom conversation. Ahhh, sometimes when we're married we miss the subtleties. He saw that post as a drive-by slam. You saw it as a love letter. Tomato tomahto.

Kathy said...

Too funny!